The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38
The Pill Magazine 38

The Pill Magazine 38

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The Pill Magazine 38

by Gore-Tex Infinium.


Minima - Designed to Reduce

Aku will presented its new and innovative footwear. Minima - Designed to Reduce is, as the name itself says, a shoe with a low environmental impact, winner of the prestigious ISPO Award Gold.

Ortovox Wool Promise

Ortovox has always placed protection at the first. This term does not refer only to the protection offered through the brand’s products, but also the protection of people, of the environment and of the animal world. That’s why it founded Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP) that defines its own wool standard.

Nike Trail Genealogy

Nike’s trail running history started almost by accident in 1978 when a team of America’s best mountaineers hiked to K2 basecamp wearing a pair of Nike LDV. The first model specifically designed for trail running arrived in 1984 with Nike Escape. The rest is history.

Angus Rowley

Angus Rowley, from a first quick glance would look like everything but a common sheep breeder. Wild soul, freestyler and passionate breeder, Gus is a longtime friend of Hamish Acland, founder of Mons Royale, the successful brand that scrupulously follows the directives of the ZQ merino certification.

From the Future

ISPO Munich, the largest sports exhibition in the world and platform with unlimited potential for all sectors that embrace winter sports and outdoor activities, has just ended. Our editorial staff has selected for you the most interesting products seen among its halls.

Mammut Expedition Antarctica

We followed the adventures of Caro North, the Mammut Pro Team athlete for 4 weeks, together with the mountain guide Guillaume Martina and Captain Mark van de Weg on their journey through the Antarctic Peninsula. A remote, cold and hostile place but also a paradise for all ski and mountaineering lovers.

Ferrino 150 years of outdoor

It all started thanks to an invention, in a small paint shop at the 107 in via Nizza in Turin.Here Cesare Ferrino, 150 years ago, developed a formula to waterproof canvases and fabrics that would have brought the Italian brand to the top of the world, forever revolutionizing the outdoor world.

The Regret of a Renunciation

From bivouac to bivouac under the rain, following the trail that, in 80 kilometers, from Passo Rolle reaches Panarotta, in Trentino. The story of a small big adventure, crossing the Lagorai without leaving a trace, a demonstration of the fact that it is possible to move respecting the vocation of places.

Mongolia on Foot

We met Tamara Lunger just after her trip to Mongolia on foot, the country with the lowest population density in the world. Much of its territory is covered by steppes, mountains and desert. An uncontaminated place with few connections, unaccustomed to tourism but capable of giving great emotions.

Home to Home

6 friends, closed lifts and fresh snow. The decision is soon made, they leave for ““la Traversata”: Sestriere - Sauze D’Oulx. Half of them are locals from the Val di Susa, the other are foreigners. However, no one had ever travelled that road and the idea of venturing into something new and different, just outside the door, is the driving force behind them.

Turn of Mind

Turn of Mind is the new video project by Nicholas Wolken, an experience of "contamination" that ranges from riding to sharing ideas and theories capable of generating new perspectives, that are nothing but new lines never before traced.


Carie (“cavity”) is a hole made by a woodworm that responds to the name of “climbing”, it is what remains of the degeneration process of a tissue, in this case of a place. Carie is the name of the project by Marzio Nardi, Achille Mauro and Federico Ravassard that want to observe an apparently distant place, in contrast with the natural beauty and find its own “beauty” through climbing.

ØKm Beauty

A journey to rediscover the beauty behind our homes, in this case in the Cuneo area. Because too often, lately, we leave for a destination not really within our reach, forgetting the luck of being Italian and the beauty that we have around every day.

Bivouacs full of Emotions

We are again in the province of Cuneo to discover the historical bivouacs of these places, a link with those mountains has always been very strong but, in this last period, even more. Hiking and photographing but also a more sensitive eye towards Mother Nature.

Wadi Rum

In Arabic it literally means “Valley of the Moon” and the feeling you get as soon as you arrive is that of landing on another planet. The uniqueness of Wadi Rum lies in its wild nature, in the complexity of the mechanisms of the Bedouin life and in the desolation on the tops of the sandstone towers, the perfect playground for all climbers.

These are the main contents of this first issue of 2020, but much more awaits you inside our 144 pages.




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