The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40
The Pill Magazine 40

The Pill Magazine 40

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The Pill is available in Italian and English version.



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Sulle spalle di Ferrino

Ferrino, a leading tent manufacturer, decided to expand its offer with the backpack line in the 1980s. Marco Chiaberge, Product Design & Development Manager, tells us what goes on behind the scenes at the birth of a new backpack.

Vaude Non chiamatela “solo” sostenibilità

Sustainable production criteria, recycled materials, social responsibility. There is one brand that has been a pioneer in this field, succeeding as early as 2010 in guaranteeing the eco-friendly aspects of its products: the German company Vaude.

Lizard, agilità su tutti i terreni

Lizard is a small animal that moves with agility, lightness and grip. Just like the footwear of the brand that was founded in 1992, launching the concept of sports sandals. But behind this intuition, there are many years of history and tradition. 

From the Future SS21

Although many companies have decided to replicate their lines for the SS21 season to support shops and the outdoor market at this delicate time, there were some innovations, both in terms of technology and design. Here's a preview!

Gesto e Alpinismo

What is the difference and the relationship between criticism and practice in mountaineering? Perhaps the answer lies in understanding mountaineering not as a precise sporting activity, but as an expressive urge, a gesture born of an intuition and realised immediately. 

Made in Bangladesh

They are Glorija and Giacomo, but together they form Altripiani. A photographic project that aims to bear witness to the life and history of people living in the highlands or in villages in the most remote corners of the planet.

Robert Antonioli e Andrea Prandi 13 cime Ortles Cevedale 

13 summits in only 6h52'56". This is the feat that Robert Antonioli and Andrea Prandi achieved between Ortles and Cevedale. A record, but also a way of experiencing the mountains to find serenity and self-fulfilment.

Ai confini dei dintorni

There is a lot of talk about slow tourism and rediscovering the territory in which one lives, but how close to home can a trip be to still be considered travelling? Perhaps the answer simply needs a change of perspective.

Sergi Mingote, quello che conta nella mia vita è sotto gli 8000 metri

He believes that in life you have to know how to reinvent yourself. He has done it several times. Public official, mayor, mountaineer and cyclist. Today he is ambassador for the candidature of Barcelona and the Pyrenees to host the 2030 Olympics. This is his story.

Una valle da sogno 

The mountains in our backyard can give us so much, and the La Thuile area is no different: Mont Blanc, the Rutor glacier and Lac du Glacier, magical places that offer great emotions and make us rediscover the pleasure of simple things.

Parlando di sharing economy e sostenibilità con Ruth Oberrauch 

The Brand & Sustainability Manager and member of the board of the Oberalp Group, representative of the sixth generation of the Bolzano-based company, tells us about future goals, taking a long-term perspective.

Like us

There are two guys, a physicist and an engineer, and a mountain of 3173 m, the second highest peak in the Brenta Dolomites, called Cima Tosa. This is the story of how they put on their Nike Trail shoes and set a new record: 3h28'26".

Due cuori e un rifugio 

She is a career designer, he a brilliant chef with a promising future. One day they met by chance, destiny brought them together and led them to the Santner Pass Refuge where they finally found their size.

Chamonix Lakes

After having photographed some of the most incredible corners of our planet, Giulia Woergartner's curiosity to explore places not far from home was born. So she packed her backpack, slung her camera over her shoulder and headed for the Chamonix Lakes.

Tamara Lunger, the soul mountaineer

The 'Tamara tour Italia' project aims to bring a smile to anyone who has suffered from lockdown in recent months. It is a way of getting to know each other, visiting unknown places and taking time for oneself, but always taking 'home' with her: her camper van. 

Kilian Jornet 

We have all found ourselves changing our habits and daily lives from one day to the next, but for Kilian Jornet, change is nothing more than an opportunity to be accepted and to build something better from. 

Il silenzio della natura

Monte Paterno, 2,746 m and a historically famous place, rises in the Dolomites on the border between Veneto and South Tyrol. From its summit you can always enjoy incredible sensations, and it is even better to explore these peaks before the sun goes down. 

Michele Graglia

From the catwalks of high fashion to the largest and most inhospitable deserts in the world. Always on the run and in search of an ideal of freedom, unknown until a few years before, which takes the form of ultra running. 

Norway & Lofoten

Norway is such a vast country that it is difficult to tour it from end to end. One of the possible routes includes the area above the Arctic Circle and the Lofoten Islands, a journey to immerse yourself in amazing nature.

Morocco Gravel Riding 

The hospitality, smiles and simple lives of the locals in the remote villages of the Moroccan hinterland. A slow journey, on two wheels, through its dusty dirt roads, discovering the flavours and warmth of the local communities.



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