The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41
The Pill Magazine 41

The Pill Magazine 41

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The Pill is available in Italian and English version.



 What will you find inside The Pill 41?


Vote the assholes out!

Patagonia, strong in its commitment to the environment, has decided to use the labels of its garments to invite voters to change course during the US presidential elections next November. The "assholes" are the politicians who deny the climate emergency in progress.

Dynafit. The binding that everyone wants.

It was the early 1980s when Fritz Barthel, a young engineering student and outdoor enthusiast, decided to revolutionize the world of ski mountaineering by creating the first ski bindings that are 70-90% lighter than the classic version.

Edicola Bosco

Outdoor stores, climbing gyms, showrooms, refugees, newsstands, bookstores or simply with a click online. The many ways to get The Pill. From today, in each issue we will present one of our distribution partners and today it is Edicola Bosco's turn.

Gore-Tex Invisible Fit 

Gore-Tex Invisible Fit is a technology that not only offers full protection in the event of adverse weather conditions, but also a more flexible fit, similar to the one of non-protective running shoes.

Picture Organic Clothing: Bio-Sourcing 

Bio-sourcing means producing a fabric partially made with plant material such as sugar cane. One of the solutions to directly or indirectly eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.

Meindl. The story of non ordinary boot.

The story of a family and a tradition handed down for generations, a company now pervaded by technology but where some details have remained exactly as they always have been.

Ortovox turns 40 years old

Gerald Kampel, historic founder of Ortovox, did not listen to those who claimed that his project would never work. Instead, he trusted his inner voice telling him: "You can make mountain sports safer.”

Cober. A distant origin for a new beginning.

When Renato Covini was a young ski lover, looking for a good pair of poles was a very difficult task, that’s why he decided to revolutionize the production and set up the first real factory that dealt with them in Italy.

Water. Cold. Snow. Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Gore-Tex

This new Nike model takes us to a higher level, offering great freedom but on wetter, rough and winter terrain, keeping your feet dry inside and allowing you to explore outdoor environments.

Donne di Montagna

A community that was born first of all to connect, inspire and tell girls about the mountain. A reality that since 2016, in Trentino Alto-Adige, has been trying to involve women of all ages in various activities at high altitude.

A new dawn

Federica's story, but also Marzio's story. Which are born, grows and consumes themselves in the Orco Valley, between the boulders and walls of Ceresole Reale. In memory of Adriano Trombetta.

A day in Asolo with Marco De Gasperi 

Six times Mountain Running World Champion, a European title and eleven Team World Cups. And he is also Scarpa's new Brand Manager for Trail Running.

Tin & Steel

In recent years, more and more shelters and bivouacs have appeared in the Alps. And the only feature that these should have, after all, is essentiality. In short, the bivouac must do one thing: protect you, everything else is more.

Aaron Durogati

“I live deeply in my mountains. There are extraordinary things to see around the world but at home I am fine because I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful place: I can leave home on foot or by electric bike to go to take off. "

Up here, up there 

Alpine guides Alessandro Baù, Claudio Migliorini and Nicola Tondini complete their new "Space Vertigo” route on one of the symbolic mountains of the Dolomites, the Cima Ovest of Lavaredo, with a rotpunkt ascent.

Tamara Lunger: the soul mountaineer

Tamara is human and very sensitive. A sensitivity that implies attention, commitment to her project, availability towards new friends. Beautiful moments but which, after two months, slowly drain her energies.


He climbs "for the pure pleasure of doing it" and says that climbing is a way of life. Look for purity in every movement on the rock, as well as the essential in life. Jacopo Larcher does not seem to know haste and anger: he climbs calmly and in balance, challenging and overcoming his own limits.

Crossing Iceland

You have to face those remote landscapes where you feel truly insignificant. Famous action photographer Chris Burkard tells us about his most recent expedition, a 975-kilometer bike ride across Iceland from Dalatangi to Bjargtangar in nine days.

Dani Arnold

Some people call it alien, others superhero. He has overcome limits deemed impossible before him with extreme free solo climbs, each time raising the bar and redefining the imaginable. A multifaceted and extraordinary talent who burns record after record.



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